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Add me, seeing as you asked over at my Journal? ;)
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Okay, I´ll add you ^^ And thanks for adding me too *___*

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*anflausch* Nya~o *dich bei LJ gefunden hat*
;__; Vermiss dich schon voll!!! *wain* Add me..?
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AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH, MEIN RYOMAAAAAAAAA! *anspring* *umknuddel* Bist schon geaddet! *________*

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Can I add you?? nyoo??
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Of course! *_* Any Galerians and Birdman fan is highly welcome! ^____^

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Be my Vienna sausage...!!


Could you be abit more specific about the Gaara surprised request? Maybe like...what chapter and shtuff?
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Welcome to my humble friends list ^___^ I´ve added you :3

Er yeah I posted the scans in the community already ^^ So you just have to click on the links and voila! :3

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Hello, could I be added? And friending would be returned, of course ^^
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Of course, I´ll add you right away ^^

Re: ...

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sorry i was testing that... may I be added please?

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darf ich auch geadded werden?
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Du bist doch schon geadded? O_o Oder etwa nich?

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add me? *.*
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added you ^^ add me back, pulease *_*

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*wuselü* add meeeeee *-*

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ädd misch pliehs Ö_Ö
*chibi desu*

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I want to add ur my friend!

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Um, I found you through some DN-community (and I love your icon, it's wonderful ^^) and... Well, we have many things in common so I'd love to be your friend. Is it okay to you? ♥
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Absolutely! ^_^ I'll add you right away ^^

May I add you?

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I dropped by in a forum, looking for some Death Note movie pictures... and there was a link to your lj account.. May I add you on my friends' list? Eheh.. I'm a Death Note fan, too. ^_^ thanks~!
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Re: May I add you?

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Of course! ^^ I added you already :3 Please add me back X3

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HELLO just randomly searching on LJ and i added you ^^ hope it's okay xx


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Ich bin die Sloth von der AniNite und hab' dich geadded. (Ich hoffe jetzt sehr, ich habe mich richtig an deinen Usernamen erinnert, ansonsten bin ich hier megafalsch gelandet ... x_x)
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Re: Hi!

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Aaaaah, das Sloth-chen X3 Bist richtig gelandet :D Werd dich auch gleich mal adden *knuddelwuddel*

Re: Hi!

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Re: Hi!

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Hi! :3 I came across this journal when browsing, and... it seems we have quite a few things in common! XD Mind if I add?
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Re: Friend?

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I don't mind at all! :D Go ahead! *adds back*

hi ^_^

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Hi, I'm new to livejournal, I found it yesterday when looking for some Galerians stuff. Wanna be my friend? ^_^
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Re: hi ^_^

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Oh of course! *_* *adds you back* Any Galerians fan is my friend ^^

Galerians Anime Series Petition

[identity profile] 2007-10-28 02:13 pm (UTC)(link)
Hello ^^ sorry if this sounds random but I’m sending this to people from live journal.

A petition for a Galerians Anime Series has started, and for it to make a difference every person’s signature counts so please add your name and comment and help that number rise, it’s very easy and you don’t have to join the site to sign it.

Also please help in spreading the word so more fans can have the chance to sign.

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you dont know me but.
add please?
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[identity profile] 2008-04-14 04:22 pm (UTC)(link)
I do know you from several Twilight related comms :D Will add you right away ^^

[identity profile] 2008-05-27 09:59 pm (UTC)(link)
Ich glaube wir haben so einiges gemeinsam, und sofern ich mich recht erinnere waren wir auch meist der gleichen Meinung bei so einigen Diskussionen auf [ profile] lion_lamb ;)

Deswegen würde ich dich gerne adden! :)
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Aber gerne doch :D Mach ich sofort ^^

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Hey, mind if I add you?

Spoilers about MGS4 are behind cuts, so no worries! Made me cry, too ;;.
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XD OMG, I just thought about adding you! :D I'll add you right away ^^

[identity profile] 2008-07-13 01:35 am (UTC)(link)
OMG! I LUV UR YOU TUBE VIDEOES SO MUCH! ur so awesome! Thanx SOOOOOOOO MUCH for rob's adress! I adore him!

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hello from spain

[identity profile] 2008-07-20 03:07 am (UTC)(link)
Hello, I want to be added here:

Noemí Sapiña

(deleted comment)
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I haven't defriended you! O_O I don't know what happened there, but I will look it up... maybe LJ has screwed up there...

[identity profile] 2008-09-16 02:19 pm (UTC)(link)
Hello! We have a handful of interests in common such as: Twilight, Diru (Jrock overall), Batman, etc. but Twilight overall. XD Would you mind if I friended you?
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I wouldn't mind at all :) I'll friend you back ;)

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